School of Awakening

New Paradigm Psychology’s ”School of Awakening” offers online courses and workshops focused on supporting participants on their path to psychological and spiritual awakening. The curriculum is a unique presentation of non-dual teachings from the ancient Indian Vedic texts, put forth in a psychological language and blended into an integrative body of teachings drawing from western depth psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. 

7 Module Self-Study Online Course

The Psychology of Awakening:

Rooting into your True Nature to Sow the Seeds of Liberation

I am now offering my signature course in a self-study version available now! “The Psychology of Awakening” is a foundational principles course that helps participants understand the psychological mechanics of awakening and how the process of healing and transformation unfolds over time requiring discipline and self-awareness. This course offers a grounded and solid understanding rooted in people’s direct experience, not another system of indoctrination, but an empowered model centered on the practitioners direct experience and discernment of truth.

Course Information and Registration

Payton Tontz, Ph.D.

My passion for teaching is rooted in a deeply felt desire to do my part to support the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.  This is my unique purpose and calling that originated in my own powerful spiritual awakening that took place early in my life. This spontaneous awakening revealed the underlying oneness of all life and all creation, and included a clear understanding that my mission here is to help people discover and realize the truth of their own nature, and actualize their full creative potential as a sovereign being. 

My guiding vision is to help cultivate a new paradigm for human psychology that brings together Western Psychology with non-dual teachings on spiritual awakening (Advaita Vedanta) into a coherent and synergistic body of teachings to support individuals to awakening to their true nature and fully embody that process within an informed and supportive container. I have been working with individuals in my clinical practice as a licensed MFT for 15 years, while cultivated this larger body of work through my doctoral studies and research ongoing in the background. 

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